Proper squat form

Proper form should ALWAYS be your top priority, no matter what exercise you're doing! When dealing with heavy weights it's more important than ever to keep accurate form in order to prevent injuries! That's why I thought I would give you some basic squat form info, since the squat is one of the best and most popular exercises!

Starting position:
  • Feet – Keep your feet shoulder wide. You toes should be pointing at a 45 degree angle.
  • Back – You back should be straight through out the whole exercise!
  • ( Bar – First of all, do not squat with weights until you are SUPER sure how to keep proper form! The bar should be placed under your shoulder blades, on the "soft" spot (also known as the "trap" muscle) and not on any bones.)
  • Head and eyes – Your eyes should be focused right in front you or on a spot on the floor, aprox 2 meters in front of you. You should focus on the same spot for the entire exercise.
  • Heels – When you're beginning your squat you need to focus the weight on your heels, and not your toes, which would ne the natural move. 

Squatting down:
  • Knees out – You knee should always follow your feet and be over your toes when squatting down. If you aren't sure if they follow your feet, you can check and see if you can see your toes at the inside of your knees. That is also OK, but you should NEVER, I mean NEVER see your toes on the outside of your knees!
  • Hips – When bending yout knees your hip will shift back a bit, and it should! Almost like an arch/flat back. It will help to keep you more stable! 
  • Head and eyes – Your eyes should be focused right in front you or on a spot on the floor, aprox 2 meters in front of you.

Returning to starting position:
  • Butt -  Squeeze your glutes as hard as you can while coming up
  • Heels - Push the weight through your heels!
  • Legs - Still keep your knees out!
  • Hips – Most of the power for the squat comes from the hips. Drive the hips in upwards in one continous motion. (whatch the youtube clip to get a better idea of what I mean!)

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