4 parts Full body workout

Here is a workout that gets most of you muscles, and it has some cardio in there too!

You start with the top box which is the warm up! Start by doing high knees, since they are marked with the #1, then you do plank walks as they are #2, then it's time for high kneew again (#3), and you keep going like that until you've done all 8 sets in the warm up!

Then you move on to the first of the 4 parts, which all are marked in the order you should do them. From 1-4 obviously. You finish ALL 3 or 2 sets in each part before you move on to the next one. Example: in part 2
 you do 1 set of plank rotations, 12 butt bridges (the > means more than, so at least 20 kg), and 15 sumo squats! Then you do it 2 more rounds, and when you're finished you can move on to part 3

[Butt bridges with hip barbell means you do your regular bridges (butt lifts) but you place the 20 kg barbell at your hip bones, holding it there with your hands while lifting your butt! Halfway meeting punches is posted earlier, you basically hold a dumbbell in each hand and punch straight out, so that they are parallel in the middle when one hand is moving outwards and the other one is moving inwards! Plank rotation is also posted previously! Lunge jumps is when you jump straight up, land in a deep lunge, jump up again and land in a lunge with the other leg forward! The rest is very googlable! And btw haha :) this workout could take up to 1,5 hrs (or more obviously) if you arent efficient! SO GET UP AND WORK IT!

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How many times a week did you exercise and for how much to get where you are today ?
And witch diet did you eat after ?

2012-07-31 // 19:48:50

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