Full body, mainly core

4 side plank rotations

This exercise targets most parts of you body, but mainly your core!

1. Place yourself in the regular plank position, hold it for 30 secs!
2. Now rotate into a side plank, and hold for 30 secs!
3. Keep turning in the same direction, now into a back plank/reversed plank, as shown in the 3rd pic! Hold for 30 secs!
4. Rotate into a side plank again, obviously not the same one as before, but the other side! Hold for 30 secs!

All 4 planks counts as one set. Do 3 or 4!

» Kacie Phillips

As I told you on Twitter, I featured your AMAZING plank variation on my blog. Or, I am going to. I am making the post go out tomorrow morning bright and early. Thanks for the motivation and all you do! You are truly an inspiration.

2012-07-09 // 07:34:49
URL: http://www.savvysassyme.com

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