How to lose weight

I often get asked for advice on how to lose weight. And the most common area for the weight loss wishes are abs and thighs. So therefore I wanted to make a post about this, including the basic principles.  And this is only what I think, and what have worked for me!

So let’s start with getting this straight from the beginning: you CAN NOT chose which parts you want to lose weight in! There is no such thing as “spot-burning”. So the whole thing with “I want to lose weight in my stomach and thighs and have a thigh gap” - pppfth! First of all, Why?! Second, the famous thigh gap is something that you have depending on where in your pelvic bone your femur is placed (genetic), if it’s wide set, you probably have one even if your BMI is 26, if you are slightly bow-legged, or if you are underweight.

When you lose weight the fat goes where it goes, often boobies and butt first, and there is nothing you can do about it, besides working up a fit butt instead :) As many people know, cardio is the most common and effective way to burn fat. From what I know and have experienced, HIIT (High intense interval training) is probably the most effective fat burning cardio workout there is. Another thing that’s good for losing weight is intense aerobic exercises, like Zumba, if you do it right. There is no point of going on zumba if you just flax with your arms and wink. The whole point is to get the body moving, more than ever! A good 50 min zumba class can burn 700 kcals! A third exercise form, is STRENGTH TRAINING and WEIGHT LIFTING! It actually burns calories too, and effectively if you do it the right way! Another thing that’s good to know, is that the more muscle mass you have, the more energy it needs! This means that your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) increases and you burn more calories without doing anything.

The probably most important part of weight loss is the food. There is a famous concept that says “you have to get rid of more calories than you take in”, and that’s just basic facts, and it means that if you eat 3000 kcals per day, but your body can only metabolize 2000, those 1000 excess kcals will be stored in your body as fat. What you need to do is 1. Eat less calories. 3000 is a loooot! 2. Work out so that you use up all the energy you put in!

So then many people say that they’re going to be hungry because they won’t get enough food. That’s why you need to better food that contains good calories! A clean eating- diet will make the pounds drop, at the same time as you get all the energy you need! The truth is, that if you keep a clean diet, there is no need for calorie counting, which is both hard to get right and it takes time! And the clean eating is also the solution to a flat stomach. A toned, flat, sexy belly is made out of 80% clean diet, and 15% workout, and 5% genetics. And THAT’S the truth people. If you wanna learn more about clean eating, I suggest that you visit, and (Method 2). Thank you for reading, and good luck! Remember, I’m not educated in fitness or a PT, I just happen to be interested, know a few things and like to share my methods.

SO what have I said… well! Eat clean, train mean, look lean ;)



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