Sesame seed breaded salmon

Recipe for 2 people:

125 g of salmon per person
sesame seeds
egg (or just the white or yolk)
baby spinach
1 tomato
olive oil
dried herbs
salt n pepper!

1. Crack the egg and blend it (if you have leftover yolks or whites from ex breakfast you can use one of those because you dont need much). Brush the salmon with egg on the up and down side.

2. Pour some sesame seeds on a plate and put the fish onto the seeds to coat the 'egged' sides.

3. Fry the salmon in coconut oil on medium heat for aprox 2 mins, then flip them to the other side and fry until they feel firm. Dont forget to season the fish while frying it! Let the fish rest after cooking it.

4. Wash the greens and chop the tomato and about 2 cm of the chili (finely).

5. Mix together 3 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of vinegar, the chopped chili, 1 tsp of dry herbs of your choice (I used basil, time and rosemary) and a little salt.

6. Pour the vinaigrette over your greens and mix. Plate the green salad and then plate the tomatoes really artsy on the greens. Put the salmon on the salad and sprinkle with some walnuts. MMm!

» carla

Your recipes are amazing! Thanks for sharing! ;) ... What do you eat when you don't have much time to cook?

2012-06-05 // 17:30:22
» Terese

Well... Like eggs and tuna haha :) salad and grilled chicken

2012-06-08 // 20:39:29

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