Chicken broccoli pie

Ok so I didnt write down the recpie, plus, some ingredients are only available in sweden so I tried to come up with good substitutions. So start with the fat and eggs, then add the almond flour, sesame seeds, salt and mix. Then start with half of the wheat bran or psyllium husk, what ever you chose, and add more until you have a good crumbly dough!

2 dl Almond flour
2-3 dl wheat bran (Vetekli. jag tog 1 1/2 dl pofiber och resten vetekli)
OR 2 dl Psyllium husk (=fiberhusk)
70 g Butter (can be switched for coconut fat)
3 tbsp sesame seeds
1-2 eggs depending on the size

Cover a round baking tin (with a removable edge or what ever its called lol). Peck the spread dough with a fork to prevent bubbles. Bake for aprox 10 mins at 220 degrees celcuis.

2 chicken filets
Broccoli (as much as you want, or about the same volume as the chicken)
4 eggs (3 if they are big)
3 dl low fat milk
Salt and white pepper

Cut the chicken into smaller pieces. Boil the broccoli and cut into smaller pieces. Fry the chicken with some spices. Beat the eggs with the seasoning and milk until its blended. Place the chicken and broccoli in the pre cooked crust (still in the baking tin) and then pour the egg mix on. Bake for aprox 30 mins or until the egg mix has set. You might need to cover the top with foil to not burn it!


» Sandra

Ska absolut prova detta!! Har en liten fråga med..du skulle inte kunna tänka dig hjälpa mig med en "måltids-planering" för typ 2-3 veckor mot en ersättning eller nåt? Du får gärna mejla mig om du vill/är intresserad, annars förstår jag helt :)

2013-01-08 // 20:59:31
» Pauline

Hej, vad menas att äta rent? Tack på förhand :)

2013-01-09 // 14:40:54
» Bea

Testade denna igår! Fick inte till degen riktigt som jag ville, men supergod blev den i alla fall!

2013-01-24 // 19:58:35

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