Legs (quads) and butt!

A great and simple way to work your quads and butt is actually by using the treadmill!

Hope on the treadmill, boost up the incline to at least 7 or 8 %, speed to 3-6 km/h, then turn around! Walk backwards without holding on to anything. Focus on each step and your balance to make sure you dont fall! Does it sound hard? Start at low speed and increase it as you feel safer!



Mince soup

This is a very simple, cheap and healthy soup! You will like it, your kids will like it, and you parents will like it!

400 g potato
200 g carrot
1 medium red onion
200 g cauliflower
100 g leek
400 g crushed tomatoes
400 g minced beef
a dash of rosemary, salt, black and white pepper
(2-4 bouillon squares)
water J 2-4 liters

1. Start putting a saucepan filled with water on the stove and bring it to boil!
2. Chop everything to same size pieces.
3. When the water is boiling, add the first set of ingredients (top left pic): potato, carrots and red onion, also the crushed tomatoes and your bouillon to the water. Make sure to use good bouillon that’s not just packed with sodium. The bouillon is the only thing in this soup which could make it “not clean”, so if you’re ok with less taste you can skip it, I used it though. Season with dried rosemary, salt and pepper. Let it cook for about 10-15 minutes!
4. When the potato is almost done, add the second set of ingredients (top right pic): leek, cauliflower and minced meat. Now let it cook for aprox 5 minutes and taste it and add more of whatever you feel is missing.
5. DONE! Simple, healthy and so tasty!


60-60-30 circuit

This is my latest creation! The 60-60-30 full body/cardio circuit that requires no equipment at all! Feel free to use some weights though if you want to! 

I'll give you some directions! Start by doing the red exercises - the warm up - x 3. When you have finished them you just go on with the following black ones. That equals the first set. Important: No rest until you've finished a whole set! Now you start from the top again; including the red ones, but you only do each exercise once, not 3 times as in the warm up! Do one more full set, rest a little, then do you last set! Don't forget to stretch afterwards!


Explanations: deep lunges 30/30 - start by stepping out into your lunge position, now stay there and do deep lunge dips for 30 secs, then step back, change to the other leg and do the other 30 secs. Squat kicks - do a squat, and when you come up, turn a bit to the side and do a high side kick. Come back safely down to your squat, and repeat with the other leg. Fast split jumps - stand with your feet hip wide. Jump up and put one foot forward and one back, now do a quick jump and switch legs, repeat as fast as you can! Click here to see the full extensions!

Full abs and core

These are full extentions!

You can do them with or without weights! Dont forget to keep your arms extended through the whole motion!

Rehydrate yourself!

We all know the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated, not only to survive and keep all our organs going like they should ;) but it helps your metabolism and increases your ability to burn calories, it's essential for your body's natural detox, gives you great skin and hair and could help getting rid of cellulites!

It is even more important to remember to rehydrate while doing fatiguing activities or when you are in a high temperated environment, like exercising or sunbathing! And since water also helps to improve your stamina and is very important for the recovery of your muscles, there are no reason not to drink the water you should! :)

Here is a tip on how to spice up your plain water to make it even more refreshing and cooling on a hot day!

Rinse and cut a lime into smaller pieces. Squish them over your glas or bowl and drop the lime in as well. Cut some fresh mint and put over the lime. Mash it up a bit. Add some ice cubes. Fill you container up with carbonated water (you can sparkle it yourself, I did), or regular water if you want to use it for your workout. Give it a stir and pour it into what ever you want to serve it it! Healthy, cool, tasty, refreshing! Plus it looks pretty :)

Exercise inspo

What exercises does my readers and followers like to do? Here are a some good ones of their choice!

Thigh gap - not for everyone?

Here is a forum discussion that I think would be veeery good for some of you to read! Most of the things said in the discussion are facts, like the parts about genetics, fat distribution and wide/narrow hips!

One girl says:

"At my peak body (weight/fitness), I never had the thigh gap unless I was wearing dance tights and running shorts. That doesn't really count though. Hell, when I was at my worst with anorexia I never had the gap. One of these years I'm going to make a huge freeken sign reminding people that not all bodies are alike. You'd think that was a given but meh."

Some will get have it, even if they weigh 160 lbs, some wont, even if they weigh less than 100 lbs. And thats it :)

Here is the page:


Bosu ball!

So I found out that we have a bosu ball in the gym (the big one in the "city"). Excited about it I immediately jumped on it! Here are 2 pretty hard exercises to do on it!

This one is a pretty much a narrow squat with medicine ball press, but on the bosu ball = every single part of your body gets engaged!

And this one is regular leg scissors, but on the ball! This exercise it very hard unless you bring your total focus into the balance part.

SO, try your fav exercises on the bosu ball, either it will work or it won't! :)


As you can see I've had some fat losing progress, which is great! More definition's on its way! :)

The whole story is still below this one in the "My story" category

Salmon patties

Salmon burgers for two people:

250-300 g salmon (filet)
1 onion
1 egg
salt and pepper

1. Start by getting your mixer!
2. Mix the onion, chives, chili and spices so it all gets finely chopped. Add the egg and mix again to get everything mixed!
3. Slice the salmon into smaller pieces just to make it easier to mix. Put the salmon in the mixer (the onion mix should still be in there) and carefully pulse it to not over-mix it, you want finely chopped fish, not a fish purée.
4. Gradually form the fish mix into small burgers and fry in a oiled pan. They will be too loose to be made all at once, thats why you have to make one and then put it in the pan, make the next one and put it in the pan. Get it? Be careful when you flip them so that they don't break! (somebody had the smart idea to pop them into the freezer for like 15 mins before frying them, to make them a bit more stable!)

Inner thigh!

This exercise may look like nonsense, but if you do it right, it BURNS!

Inner thigh cable adduction
1. Use a single-hand grip or some kind of lifting strap. If you using a hand grip, put your foot through it (not completely, it shoud be in the middle of your shoe). If you use a strap - secure the attachment to you ankle!
2. Place yourself as the picture shows. You will need to move away a bit from the machine to be able to stretch the cable. As you can see in the picture my cable is quite low, but it will definitely benefit you to have it higher, aprox in hip hight!
3. Now pull your attached leg to you in a controlled motion, and pull it past the other leg. Keep your pulling leg slightly in front you the rest of your body to not hit your self or the ground. You could also do this exercise without pulling in front of you by pulling from the side (quite high) and in to the other leg.
4. Keep resistance when you return the leg to starting position.

CAUTION! You MUST keep you pulling leg slightly bent to not hurt you knee! And do not pull with the knee, but you thigh. Also remember to keep you hips in the same position all the time; no wobbling!

Abs, core, back & shoulders!

Get into planking position, holding one dumbbell in each hand! Row one hand at a time, alternating sides each time! Repeat this motion for the desired amount of repetitions. Go a littler heavier than bicep weights since its your back and shoulders that's pulling the weight!

Sweet pops!

My second batch of clean popiscles! I made a double batch to be on the safe side :) The are SO delicious. Made with fresh mango and pineapple and orange juice. I just layered the fruit and poked it down a bit to fit more in. Then i squeezed over the juice from an oragnge. TASTY and healthy :)

Thank you for visiting my page! Feel free to use all my recipes, but please, don't forget to mention me, link to this page or tag me @karolinaterese if it's on instagram!
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