How to make a cut out shirt!

A lot of you have asked where I got, if I made and how I made the shirt I'm wearing on the pic below! So I decided to do a little tutorial! I didn't make an exact replica, but it's the same kind.

1. place the t-shirt on the floor. 2. cut off the arms plus a little blir down the sides (or the whole way down until there is 1 decimeter left, thats what I did). 3. If you want your top to be razor backed, cut half circles on both sides of the back. 4. Now I added a drop shaped hole in the middle along the back, cause otherwise there is so much fabric just pulling the shirt down. Then I just took some left over cut outs and tied above the drop hole in the back, and on both sides of the hip! You can do what ever you want; holes, no holes, ties etc to make it personal!

And this is what it looks like!

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