Abs, core and back

Cable hip tilt

This exercise looks a lot like a cable crunch, but it's not since you don't crunch, but bend at the hip!

1. Stand like shown in the picture. Nothing but your hips should move during the exercise!
2. Hold on firmly to your rope-handle and start bringing your head down towards the ground by bending at you hip and pulling with your stomach, keeping your back straight, abs and core tight!
3. When you almost touch the ground, you start going back up to your starting position, keeping the resistance, moving slowly and not bouncing straight up.
4. When reaching your starting position: do it all again! 

» Sara

Hi Terese ! Just let you know that now you are my inspiration to get a better body :) Well I'm not fat but not skinny. I want to get the 6 pack stomach like you and and better buttocks. What should I do? I just do abdominal exercises and run? And the last question , what number of meals I have to do in a day to get a good stomach like yours? Thank you so much

Svar: Hi! oh thank you and its great that you want to "upgrade" yourself :) As said before: clean diet and full body exercises/cardio will get you there! Not even ab exercises are needed. you should eat between 5-6 meals a day! :)
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-07-12 // 20:35:32
URL: http://smilesandmiless.blogspot.com
» Courtney

fIrstly I'd just like to say that your such an inspiration! I love you girl your so motivating! I have been swimming professionally for years and hav quit about a year ago but I still have rather muscular arms and because I've lost a lot of weight and the broadness of my shoulders they look out of proportion and I hate them! What can I do to make them smaller/tone them down?! Please help any advice would be great!

Svar: Hi!
Thank you so much! I'm glad I can help motivating you! :)

Well, the easiest thing would be to not work your shoulders, and only do cardio, lower body strength, back/core and chest and arms. Just ignore them haha :) since its the muscle thats "too big". If you want to keep them drilled you can do some toning on them, with light weights and more reps, but no heavy weights. :)
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-07-15 // 13:46:43

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