Mediterranean fish package

(I wont write out any amounts since you can choose yourself depending on how you like it. I WILL write how much I use for one person)

200 g of white fish, I used haddock
garlic, I used herb marinated
sundried tomatos, also herb marinated
bacon/italian air-dried ham, I used 125 g of bacon/4 people

- Turn the oven on to 250+ degrees celsius -
1. Rip square pieces of foil. Drizzle them with EVOO and place aprox 2 sliced herb marinated garlic cloves on the drizzle (use maximum 1 clove/package if you use regular fresh garlic)
2. Place your bacon on a baking grid and shove em into the oven for a quick half-crisp up. If you use italian ham you dont have to pre-crisp it!
2. Place the fish on top of the garlic and add some dried tomatoes. Season the fish as you like with salt and pepper.
3. Get your carrot, peel it. And keep peeling it into thin stripes that you top your fish with!
4. Grab the bacon, which is not cooked through, but about halfway so it's partly cripsy, and so that it will be perfectly cooked when the package is done. Pat them dry with a paper towel and place them on your fish. 1-2 slices per package. Lower the heat to about 200 degrees!
5. Add som roughly chopped scallions and one or two lemon slices.
6. Fold you foil together, as airproof as you can, so that the fish gets steamed. Cook for aprox 20 minutes!
7. When you take the package out and open it, add som shrimp to the hot fish and top it with some spinach.

Served with beans and brown rice

» Sandra

Hej =)

kan du inte göra en lista med "good/bad foods" typ för clean eating? Eller nån lista med tips på måltider, förutom fisk? Tycker det är så svårt att komma igång med det för jag inte riktigt vet vad man "får" och inte får äta :(
Du är verkligen en inspiration! Kram

Svar: gjorde jag inte det precis? en lista med vad jag äter och den heter "what I eat". Eller du menade på något annat sätt?
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-07-28 // 22:16:06
» Sandra

Haha men vad pinsamt....missat det precis trodde jag hade läst alla inläggen :/ never mind då ^^

2012-07-31 // 12:30:40

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