60-60-30 circuit

This is my latest creation! The 60-60-30 full body/cardio circuit that requires no equipment at all! Feel free to use some weights though if you want to! 

I'll give you some directions! Start by doing the red exercises - the warm up - x 3. When you have finished them you just go on with the following black ones. That equals the first set. Important: No rest until you've finished a whole set! Now you start from the top again; including the red ones, but you only do each exercise once, not 3 times as in the warm up! Do one more full set, rest a little, then do you last set! Don't forget to stretch afterwards!


Explanations: deep lunges 30/30 - start by stepping out into your lunge position, now stay there and do deep lunge dips for 30 secs, then step back, change to the other leg and do the other 30 secs. Squat kicks - do a squat, and when you come up, turn a bit to the side and do a high side kick. Come back safely down to your squat, and repeat with the other leg. Fast split jumps - stand with your feet hip wide. Jump up and put one foot forward and one back, now do a quick jump and switch legs, repeat as fast as you can! Click here to see the full extensions!


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