Inner thigh!

This exercise may look like nonsense, but if you do it right, it BURNS!

Inner thigh cable adduction
1. Use a single-hand grip or some kind of lifting strap. If you using a hand grip, put your foot through it (not completely, it shoud be in the middle of your shoe). If you use a strap - secure the attachment to you ankle!
2. Place yourself as the picture shows. You will need to move away a bit from the machine to be able to stretch the cable. As you can see in the picture my cable is quite low, but it will definitely benefit you to have it higher, aprox in hip hight!
3. Now pull your attached leg to you in a controlled motion, and pull it past the other leg. Keep your pulling leg slightly in front you the rest of your body to not hit your self or the ground. You could also do this exercise without pulling in front of you by pulling from the side (quite high) and in to the other leg.
4. Keep resistance when you return the leg to starting position.

CAUTION! You MUST keep you pulling leg slightly bent to not hurt you knee! And do not pull with the knee, but you thigh. Also remember to keep you hips in the same position all the time; no wobbling!


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