Legs (quads) and butt!

A great and simple way to work your quads and butt is actually by using the treadmill!

Hope on the treadmill, boost up the incline to at least 7 or 8 %, speed to 3-6 km/h, then turn around! Walk backwards without holding on to anything. Focus on each step and your balance to make sure you dont fall! Does it sound hard? Start at low speed and increase it as you feel safer!



» Kelly1_88

Oh my god I tried this, it's quite hard at first! People were looking at me weird but whatever it works your bum good :) I love your blog, I'm at the beginning of my journey to become as fit as you, I'm about the size you were in thailand and I just don't like the way I look. You are very inspirational :) thanks

2012-07-02 // 00:23:00
» Eimear K.

Hi Terese! First of all, well done on EVERYTHING! Your willpower and progress is just AMAZING!
Just a quick question on your running shoes: They´re the Nike Lunareclipse 2 right? I want to order them online coz they're much cheaper and wanted to ask you if they're small fitting or normal? I dunno what size to order! I usually take a 37-38 but I know Nike can be small fitting.......ps: I have narrow feet too!

2012-08-13 // 00:23:48

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