Rehydrate yourself!

We all know the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated, not only to survive and keep all our organs going like they should ;) but it helps your metabolism and increases your ability to burn calories, it's essential for your body's natural detox, gives you great skin and hair and could help getting rid of cellulites!

It is even more important to remember to rehydrate while doing fatiguing activities or when you are in a high temperated environment, like exercising or sunbathing! And since water also helps to improve your stamina and is very important for the recovery of your muscles, there are no reason not to drink the water you should! :)

Here is a tip on how to spice up your plain water to make it even more refreshing and cooling on a hot day!

Rinse and cut a lime into smaller pieces. Squish them over your glas or bowl and drop the lime in as well. Cut some fresh mint and put over the lime. Mash it up a bit. Add some ice cubes. Fill you container up with carbonated water (you can sparkle it yourself, I did), or regular water if you want to use it for your workout. Give it a stir and pour it into what ever you want to serve it it! Healthy, cool, tasty, refreshing! Plus it looks pretty :)

» Karin

Tack! Och detsamma =) Du är i sjukt fin form!

2012-06-26 // 17:50:22

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