Salmon patties

Salmon burgers for two people:

250-300 g salmon (filet)
1 onion
1 egg
salt and pepper

1. Start by getting your mixer!
2. Mix the onion, chives, chili and spices so it all gets finely chopped. Add the egg and mix again to get everything mixed!
3. Slice the salmon into smaller pieces just to make it easier to mix. Put the salmon in the mixer (the onion mix should still be in there) and carefully pulse it to not over-mix it, you want finely chopped fish, not a fish purée.
4. Gradually form the fish mix into small burgers and fry in a oiled pan. They will be too loose to be made all at once, thats why you have to make one and then put it in the pan, make the next one and put it in the pan. Get it? Be careful when you flip them so that they don't break! (somebody had the smart idea to pop them into the freezer for like 15 mins before frying them, to make them a bit more stable!)


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