Perfect protein pancakes!

There are alot of recipes for protein pancakes, but these... You HAVE TO try!

Perfect protein pancakes! For 1 person:
1 scoop of your fav protein powder (I used chocolate)
1 tsp baking powder
a splash of cinnamon
1 whole egg + two whites (for my mega calorie boyfriend I use 1 whole eggs + my 2 left over yolks)
about half a cup of oats
a splash of light milk
1 tbsp on agave sirup
1 banana

1. Mix everything except the banana!

2. Fry! And when you see the air bubbles on the up-side it's time to poke in two banana slices and flip the pancakes after a few secs!

3. YUM! Serve with a little greek yoghurt and berries!


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