My story

Here is my journey so far.

It all began when I and my family came home from our vacation in Thailand in June 2011. When I was looking through the pictures I saw that I didn’t look quite as I thought, or as I used to look. So that’s when I decided that I wanted to change the way I looked.

I began slowly with eating a bit healthier, less snacks. And I added a few workouts a week. I did mostly things like Zumba, Body balance, Sh’bam, Indoor walking and shorter running sessions (2K)on the treadmill. Of course I did some strength training as well, but not much, as you can see very clearly on how my body looks in the 2nd (skinnyfat and pretty weak). For a week or so I also tried to eat less than normal, but that didn’t help at all and it’s probably the worst thing you can do to your body, so DON’T!

[Calorie intake when losing weight: 1200 kcal at the end of the day (which means more than 1200 kcals consumed, and then worked off so that I landed on 1200 kcals)]

Before reaching the state I was in in the 2nd picture I decided to change both my diet and my workouts a bit. I was more and more sliding in to the clean eating – diet, and I added more running to my workouts.

After reaching the “skinny”-state (it wasn’t really skinny if you compare it to how skinny some people are), I needed to step it up a notch. Going to the gym at least 3 times a week, a little running on the treadmill (3-6 k) and lots of weightlifting and full body exercises! (On the 2nd and 3rd pic my weight is pretty much the same which means much less fat and more muscles on the 3rd) I try to eat lean and clean, but sometimes I need to eat some regular bad food to lol :). Nowadays I try to go to the gym 4-5 times a week and do cardio 2-3 times per week. I switch the fast carbs for complex ones and I try to keep my meals clean, but its hard when you live with somebody who needs to eat 3500 kcals per day and your family pops in every weekend with lets say, not so healthy food! :) But I try!

This picture is the last one taken of these! I'm still pushing forward and I will never stop striving for a better me, both physically and mentally! :)

» Anonym

I Love Your Instagram! But this is better!!!! Thank you! :)

2012-05-30 // 19:01:29
» Laura

Hi Terese! My name is Laura, I've recently started following your instagram and blog through searching fitness engines. I love this and you are very inspiring! I've recently signed up to an intense international obstacle course for November 2012 to motivate me to get fit again and STAY fit this time! I have finished University for the summer and find it perfect 3 months to get myself back on track with little distraction. I find all information on here very helpful but I was curious to whether you would be able to spare a few minutes to provide me with a basic food plan? I'm very confused with 5-6 meals a day as I'm so used to eating whenever I can - I don't know where to start! I appreciate any help! I'm currently planning out meals and shopping list but don't know what to get for 3 meals and two snacks a day... head is all over the place! haha... thank you for your help x

2012-06-02 // 16:18:46
» Terese


ah, that sounds like much fun!

Well, sorry, cause i cant make you a food plan, but i can give you some tips!

The easiest thing to do is to eat 3 normal meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), And then add your snacks in between, and they dont have to be big at all! think like a rice cake with some tinned tuna on: not much, but still enough! You can make some smoothies or protein pancakes or egg white omelet! maybe a little salad taco with some fried chicken in. are you with me? :)

2012-06-08 // 18:42:07
» Emma

Hi Terese,

You're healthy eating and workouts have inspired me to get healthier and fitter. I'm starting to do more exercise but some days I feel I have no energy and workouts are a real struggle. Is there any particular types of food that would give me the energy I need, without putting on any weight? Thank you x

Svar: Hi Emma!
It's very important to eat carbs so be able to give all you've got when working out. So don't forget do eat complex carbs like brown rice, sweet/regular potato, quinoa etc. every day :)

Also make sure to eat you snacks to keep the blood sugar levels up!
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-06-14 // 18:05:25
» sophia

Hi Karolina!

Found your page on instagram, and loved it! very inspirational. I love living a healthy lifestyle and this blog helped me keep going!

I was just wondering though how old you are and your height?

Talk soon! :)

Svar: Hi Sophia!
Ah, thats great! I'm glad I can help :)

I'm born 1991 and I'm 164 cm tall :)
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-06-14 // 20:44:13
» Johanna

Hey Terese!

I came to your blog thru instagram, and love all of your tips, exercises, and progress pictures! Soo inspirational! I am due to have my first baby, a sweet girl any day now, and I am determined to drop the baby weight and be the best possible version of myself that I can be, after she arrives. I have always been active and love working out and exercising, but have never had a specific plan, like i want to have after she's here.... Would you suggest cardio to burn off the fat, and also weight training? Also, how many days a week do you suggest? I am ready to look better than my pre-baby body, wish me luck! :) thank you! :)

2012-06-15 // 19:30:31
» Cat

Hi, Terese!
I came across your Instagram account some time ago and absolutely adore it! Today in particular I found it quite inspiring. I was eating pizza and ice cream while browsing your latest pictures. The "junk food blues" hit me right away. I immediately put down the pizza grabbed a bottle of water and went for a jog. Only about 1 mile, but it still made me feel much better : )
Congratulations on your progress, and thanks for the inspiration!

2012-06-25 // 02:27:45
» Taylor

I'm just wondering how long it took you to start losing weight like from your first pic to your second pic on your story please get back with me thanks!

Svar: It took about half a year to lose the weight"
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-06-28 // 04:29:27
» Manon

Hi !
I'm really impressed by your work on yourself ! Now you have a perfect body !

2012-07-21 // 16:02:06
» Kristin @ My Mission Impossible

Just found your blog! I love it, I love reading other people's stories! You did such a great job and it just goes to show that hard work and consistency DO pay off! You're beautiful and I will follow along with your journey!

2012-08-20 // 22:25:35
» Pauline

Hej, tycker du är grymt duktig!! Undrar om du går efter någon slags diet som typ lchf m.m eller gör du en egen kombination;)? Vad är det bästa tipset på att gå ner i vikt? Helst bokstavlig tips;) fortsätt med det du gör, för du är grym !

Svar: Hej! Tack! Nej verkligen inte, och speciellt inte lchf som jag är ganska stor motståndare av i och med den väldigt förhöjda risken för tarmcancer som den för med sig. du kan ju se i inlägget what I eat, där ser du var jag äter. Det bästa tipset är att träna kondition 60-90 min 3 dagar i veckan, och styrketräning 2 dagar i veckan, lika länge som konditionen. och det viktigaste av allt är att äta ren mat, dvs ingen processad mat. så det är det som jag har skrivit innan.
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-08-21 // 19:32:11
» Pauline

powerwalk eller springa?:)

Svar: vad som helst! Du kan köra tyo aerobic en dag, springa nästa och simma den tredje! Det beror helt på vad du tycker är bäst. Det är bättre att du bestämmer dig för något du tycker är roligt och som du faktiskt kommer att genomföra, än att bara ta något och sen tycka det är skittråkigt!
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-08-22 // 07:00:12
» LAra

so inspirational!!!!

2012-09-29 // 00:07:18
» Charlotte

Hey Terese! :)
What do you weight, if I may ask about that?

Svar: 51-52 kg!
Karolinaterese Fitness

2012-10-01 // 19:48:24
» Kajsa

Hej! Hittade just dig på instagram och därigenom till bloggen. Jag har själv ett mål att komma iform och hålla mig i form. Har börjat styrketräna 5ggr/vecka sedan september men än så länge ingen flrlust sv fett men känner mig starkare. Nu när jag läser din blogg inser jag att jag även måste träna mer kondition samt ändra kosten något. Tack för inspirationen! Bra jobbat!

2012-11-21 // 23:12:28
» Leoni

Hey, im looking to get into shape, and am currently 135lbs at 5"4.. I want to be fit and muscular but am unsure how to start with my eating
I go to the gym and do a couple of classes but im unsure how to vary my exercise.. any ideas? Thanks :)

2013-01-09 // 14:29:24
» shoupbus

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